COVID-19 and Collegiate Athletics Insurance – Dissinger Reed assists athletic departments during times of uncertainty

As the “Most Trusted Name” in Athletic Insurance, Dissinger Reed is working tirelessly to provide world-class consulting and customized approaches to its valued clients, during this time of uncertainty, within the collegiate athletics world.

Since March (2020), when collegiate athletics came to a crashing halt, there has been an unprecedented amount of work happening behind the scenes. Insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and brokers have been sifting through the data to understand what risk was covered and what risk was avoided by the spring sports cancellations. In some situations, a refund of premium or a premium credit was warranted. In other cases, secondary insurance plan coverage is in place that is specifically designed to benefit the institution in these unforeseen times of change. Additionally, the approach to cover coach-provided at-home workouts and unsupervised strength/conditioning regiments varied widely. Dissinger Reed has spent countless hours talking through all scenarios with each of its valued clients and making sure that student-athletes are still being covered in the spirit of the policy.

When it came time to work through the annual insurance renewals, Dissinger Reed (and our insurance carriers) hoped that we’d be back to “business as usual” in the Fall. It is now apparent that the repercussions from COVID-19 continue and college athletic departments are facing a new set of questions and challenges. Will Fall sports be canceled completely or just postponed until spring? Will there still be “social distanced” on-campus practices and workouts this fall/winter? Are non-contact sports able to proceed? Through this constantly changing environment, Dissinger Reed is focused on providing an individualized game plan for each of its colleges/universities, fully aware of the possibility that collegiate sports may not take place in the fall, winter, or spring. Dissinger Reed is committed and will stay committed to adapting and finding solutions that fit each client’s specific needs as we all continue to wade through these unprecedented and ever-changing times.

It is times like these that put the abilities and expertise of broker partners to the test, and as our clients will attest, Dissinger Reed has shown a true dedication to its clients and to collegiate athletic departments across our great Nation.